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Express Hr is a management resource used by Kroger for the management of all the Kroger employees. The Kroger Co. and all sister companies use the Express HR management resource to assist the company in the effortless management of its employees. It helps in the easy recruitment of new employees and all the information regarding the employees is available at Express HR.

Express HR used by Kroger can be used to manage personal information about the employees such as Name, physical address, emergency contact details, company compensations and other details such as Kroger details paystub, etc. This article is all about the Express HR platform.

About Kroger


Kroger is a USA based company that was launched back in 1983. With more than 2700 branches across the United States of America. With such widespread branches, Kroger is amongst the biggest companies in the USA. since its inception, Kroger has taken interest in multiple areas gaining immense popularity in its field of operations.

Kroger mainly operates in industries such as medications, supermarkets, retails, grocery, merchandise, and manufacturing. Now let us take a look at HR Express Kroger and its features.

HR Express Kroger

Due to its increasing size and employee database expanding over international borders due to Kroger’s industrial growth, Kroger needed a simple and efficient solution to recruits a new workforce and manage its employees. This is where ExpressHR comes into the picture.

Using the ExpressHR platform all the employees of Kroger can manage their schedules. Working hours and timings, product specifications and details, etc. Express HR also provides many useful tools that the employees can use for their benefits.

How to login Express HR?

Kroger HR Express platform can only be used by the employees of Kroger and Kroger Express HR can only be used by someone who is a part of Kroger corporate. To use the Express HR platform follow the below-given steps

  • To use Express HR you need to have an Enterprise User ID and a valid password that will be required to log in.
  • You need to visit SecureWeb Login page and enter your Secure User ID and password. The Enterprise ID is the same ID that you use to operate any system in the company
  • Once you have successfully logged in, you will see the dashboard page with news, products, services and many more items.
  • If you don’t have your secure login details for Express HR then do not try anything on Express HR. To get your login details you need to do the following things
  • If you don’t know your ID then contact your administrator for the same.
  • The ID that you already have or will receive is not case sensitive so it will not matter if you use uppercase or lowercase to enter your login ID.
  • If you need to change your Login details for any reasons such as for safety purposes, etc, then just enter your secret ID and follow the on-screen procedure required to change the details.
  • What can you do with Express HR?

    Express HR is the feature and functionality-rich platform. Once you get your login details you can access your Express HR profile and perform the following functions

    • Manage and update your personal employee information
    • Add and change your Personal profile details
    • Manage your work hours and schedule
    • Direct deposit change
    • Maintain Kroger schedule
    • Change your Address information
    • Access to Kroger paystub including your earnings, deductions and the compensation
    • Change or add Emergency contacts
    • Updating your compensation
    • W-4 change
    • Communicate with other employees on a single platform

    Kroger Express HR v/s Kroger Great people

    Kroger Express HR and Kroger Great people are two platforms provided by Kroger to its employees to retrieve any kind of information about any aspect of Kroger. There are a lot many functions that you can perform apart from the ones given above using or

    1. Work Management – Work Manager function of the Kroger ExpressHR makes it easy for the employees as they don’t need to ask their supervisor for the work to be done the next day. All the work details and requirements are already stated in the ExpressHR user profile. The information on the Kroger ExpressHR is updated on a daily basis and the employees can get all the information they need by just accessing their profile.
    2. Access to new Kroger updates – all the information about any new events and updates for the employees is also updated on the online platform and is refreshed regularly to keep the employees updated.
    3. >Apply for holidays – If any employee wants to apply for holidays/vacations they can do so by the ExpressHR platform very easily. This saves the trouble of writing any confrontation letter, all an employee needs to do is fill a leave Performa and state the reasons for leaving.
    4. Get Discounts – Kroger being a multi-interest company, offers discounts to its employees on different services provided by Kroger. You can get information about the discounts on Kroger ExpressHR. You can also visit yourkrogerbenefits to check out all the benefits that Kroger offers to its employees.

    Benefits of Using Kroger Express HR

    There are a ton of benefits of using Kroger HR Express. Some of these benefits are as follows

    All work information in one place

    It provides employees with information about the work they need to do with each and every detail on a single platform. This is the sole reason why the employees no longer need to go anywhere or ask their supervisors about their work details or what task progress anymore.

    Never miss a new update

    All the new updates for the employees related to work and the company is directly delivered to the employees via this online portal. This helps to increase transparency and promotes better communication between the company executives and the workers.

    It improves workflow

    Since all the information about the work such as workflow details, progress, etc is easily accessible by the employees, it helps to maintain a steady and smooth workflow increasing the efficiency and performance of the employees.

    It provides you with a comfortable environment

    Employees can use this portal to communicate with each other whenever they need to share new details or address any new issues. This helps to decrease wastage of time and improve the efficiency of the workflow.


    Every big enough company needs a Human resource department to handle all the recruitment process for the company. The HR department is also responsible for the management of the employees of the company. An HR department is very crucial to the proper functioning and management of a big enough company.

    Kroger has an HR department which is called the Koger Express HR which handles all the recruitment and employee management related tasks. The HR department is responsible for the proper functioning and management of the company. The Express HR system used by Kroger helps it to manage all the branches spread across the USA very efficiently.