– Kroger Employee Login Portal Guide

Kroger is amongst one of the largest companies in the United States. Since the company is very huge, it has a large number of employees associated with it. Now managing such a large number of employees can be a real pain but this was a thing a few years ago. Kroger has found the solution for it and now they are using different portals to manage all their works. is the Kroger’s official website similar to mywegmansconnect for Wegmans, Where it’s employees can log in and get access to all the work-related news and information. Login Page

Right now, Kroger uses two different portals to manage its employees. One of them is and just like Great people, Kroger also has the Express Hr portal. If you are a Kroger employee then don’t get confused between these two portals. Kroger use both these portals for two different purposes. is an employee portal while Express Hr is a portal for job seekers. If you wish to apply for a job at Kroger you can visit Express Hr and once you become the employee you can check your work and other information about the company on

Great people give you complete information regarding the work of the employees and thus each and every employee working in Kroger can have their access to the website and know the complete work details. Are you a Kroger employee? and don’t know how to access the portal or just having any issue while accessing the portal then you have visited the right page. The main aim of this article is to provide you the complete step by step login process to great people and takes advantage of it. This portal really makes the job much simpler so now without wasting any more time, let’s discuss the full details.

About Kroger Inc –

Kroger is one of the oldest companies and if you have lived in American Midwest or South then there’s a good chance that you do your weekly grocery shopping at one of your local Kroger stores. To learn more about Kroger let’s start it from the beginning. Kroger was founded way back in 1883 by Barney Kroger. He was an employee at a grocery store and when the store owner refused to make Barney Kroger, his store partner Kroger left the job to start his own grocery store. He started his store with a small savings of $372 and by the end of the year 1920, there were Kroger Store in more than 5500 locations.

Now Kroger is the largest supermarket chain in the country when it comes to revenue. It is also the 18th largest company in the country and second-largest retailer, the company on the top is Walmart. Kroger was one of the first chains to strictly monitor product quality and testing standards before it lands on its shelves. It was also the first one to implement electronic scanning and inventory-based shopping experience. In simple words, Kroger was the supermarket chain who invented the modern-day grocery stores. The main success behind Kroger Stores was the idea to streamline the shopping experience for its customers.

Apart from this, Kroger has many innovations that really make an impact today. Kroger was also the first supermarket to have parking lots surrounded on all sides. Kroger also owns many other groceries and superstores such as Harris Teeter, Fred Meyer, Dillon’s, Ralphs, and Smith’s. They own convenience stores such as Kwik Shop, Loaf ‘N Jug, and Tom thumb Food Stores. They also own jewelry stores such as Barclay, Fox’s and Littman. These are just a few of the names owned by Kroger, they also own a convenient care clinic chain called Little Clinic.

Benefits of Kroger Employees

Kroger has grown a lot and has a lot of branches across the globe. There are a large number of employees working for Kroger, we don’t know the exact number but as per a report, there are over 4,30,000 employees. Kroger aims to create the best shopping experience for its customers and the best working experience for its employees. There are several different benefits that a Kroger employee gets starting with the great people .me portal which is a special website where Kroger’s employees can log in and get all the information such as account data, work schedules, payslips, company announcements and a lot more.

Benefits of being a Employees of Kroger

Other than this Kroger also offers its employees many other benefits such as a comprehensive health insurance plan including Dental and Vision, Up to three weeks of paid vacation. Sick leave is also offered, Life insurance is available. Beneficiaries are entitled to receive an employee’s salary for two years, 6 weeks of paid and 6 weeks of unpaid maternity leave. 2 weeks of paid paternity leave, Kroger offers a 75% 401 (k) match. Employees are fully vested in their accounts after two years of continuous service, and a 10% discount on Kroger brand items.

Additional discounts on Apple products, Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, automobiles, and Fred Meyer jewelry.

What Tasks can you Perform at this Portal?

The Great People portal has really made the life of Kroger employees much easier. It helps the employees in their day to day work in a lot of ways. There are a lot of tasks a Kroger employee can perform at this platform.

  • Every employee working in Kroger can find their daily tasks on the portal so they don’t need to contact the supervisor each and every day about what they have to do today.
  • Employees will get to know about the new product discounts they are benefited from and also some other offer which is available for the employees.
  • The portal makes sure all the information is easily and instantly available for its employees. Any kind of update, change in work schedule or company announcement can be checked on Great people.
  • Employees can also find their personal and job-related information such as account data, work schedules, and payslips.
  • Apart from all these, you can apply for paid leave as well as vacations on this portal. Apply or check your insurance plan.
  • Employees of Kroger can continue their education to learn, and improve their skills.
Note: This portal is not just limited to the employees working for Kroger store but any employee or associates who are related to any Kroger Brand such as Scott’s, Ralphs, Food4Less, Fred Meyer Jewelers, Baker’s, Kroger Personal Finance or Kroger store can get access to this portal.

How to Use Kroger Great Portal

Great is making the life of Kroger employees much easier. All of their daily tasks are directly updated on the portal so they get a clear piece of information about what they have to do today and they can do it in an easier way. This saves a lot of time for the company as well as the employees. If you are a new employee and don’t know how to access Great people or having a problem navigating around the website then don’t worry as we are here to help. Below we have mentioned the step by step guide to help you use the portal. You can access this website from anywhere and from any device, you just have to follow the steps below to get started.

Basic Requirements to Get Access with Great Online Portal

There is not a lot of things you will require to get access to portal but there are a few important things you might want to keep handy while accessing the portal. As said before the portal is in the form of the website so you will need a device that can connect to the internet and has a web browser. You can use almost any device such as a PC, Laptop, Smartphone, and Tablet. Just make sure you have a stable internet connection to load up the website. Apart from this, there are a few other requirements as well.

To access the portal, you must be a Kroger employee, obviously! and you will need your Enterprise User ID, (EUID) which is basically your username and Password. Once you become the employee you can get this piece of information from the Kroger Support team or from the Store manager where you are working. You will also need an email address because each time you log in on the portal, you will get notified on your email address for security reasons. That’s it, these were the few things you will need to get your access to the portal. Step by Step Login Procedure

First of all, make sure to keep the Enterprise User ID and Password handy also make sure you have a stable internet connection to load up the web page. In case you don’t have the User ID, as instructed before getting it from the Support center or your store manager will be the move.

❏ Now open up the web browser in any of your devices and type in the address bar and hit the enter button. This is the only official website of Kroger employee login and waits for a second until the page is loaded. You will also notice that the link is redirecting to the Kroger Secure web where you get all the workplace news and information.

❏ Once the login page is opened you can see on the right-hand side of the screen, some fields where you can enter your basic details. The first field is to enter the Enterprise User ID and the second field is for entering the Password. You will also find the Sign-in button just below that.

❏ Do note that the User ID is not case sensitive which means any letters present in your user ID can be typed in either uppercase or lowercase letters. The password, on the other hand, is always case sensitive.

❏ The Enterprise User ID and Password you get for the first time include a temporary password. So, you will have to change it later on. Enter the Enterprise User ID in the first field and the temporary password in another field and hit the sign-in button.

❏ Once you are logged in to your account you will receive a confirmation message from the Great People support team that you have successfully logged in to the website. This is also for security reasons just in case somebody else’s got your credentials and tries to log in to your account.

❏ After you are logged in you can check your work schedules, company announcements, apply for leave, check product discounts and a lot more things. Before that we always recommend you to get rid of the temporary password and get a more secure one. You can change your password by going into the accounts section.

So, there you have it! This is everything you need to know about Kroger login procedure. Simply follow the step by step guide mentioned above to login to the portal take advantage of all the benefits you get as being a Kroger employee.

In case you have lost the password or User ID for your account then don’t worry we have got you covered and added a dedicated guide for that too. Before that, let’s check out the different corners of the great people website so you don’t have any problem navigation around.

Navigating around Kroger’s website

So now that you have logged in to the Kroger Secure web portal the next thing you might want to do is navigate around the website and look for things you actually need. On the website, you will find menus, links, and buttons to click to access different features on the portal. There is nothing much to explain about the menus and links since you can easily figure them out yourself. Everything is self-explanatory that where you should click to access whatever you want on the Kroger’s Great People website.

How to Reset GreatPeople.Me User ID & Password

The two main important things to log in to the Kroger portal is the User ID and Password. There’s a good chance that at some point you may forget the User ID or password and this situation you will be locked out from the account and won’t be able to see your work schedules or another piece of information anymore. In this case, what you should do is to reset your password or your user id, if you forget that to get access back. The process is very simple and won’t take long. Just follow our step by step procedure and you are good to go.

Reset User ID

It will become impossible to log in to the portal if you have forgotten your user ID and let me tell you this is something that you simply cannot reset from the website. As the user ID is fixed and cannot be changed what you can do is to get it back from the support team. All you have to do is to contact the store manager or the Information security team at the Kroger Store where you are working and simply ask them for your User ID and they will help you with the piece of information.

Apart from this, there is one more thing you can do. When you visit the main Kroger Secure web page you will notice a link called “What’s this?” on the right-hand side of Enterprise User ID. You can click on this link and follow the on-screen instruction. There you have to choose a method to receive your enterprise id back. So, these were the two main methods to get your User ID back in case you have forgotten it.

Reset Password

The password is one of the main things you will need to login to the Kroger Secure web portal. Having a lot of passwords can be a little difficult and sometimes we can lose it. You can follow the below instructions to reset your lost or forgotten password.

  • Open the website by entering the address on your web browser. It will redirect you to the Kroger Secure web login page. Now you will notice a small link on the right-hand side where it says password.
  • Click on “What’s this?” link beside the password field and from there you can reset your password for the login page. After that a new page will open over there you have to enter your enterprise user id and then click on the continue button.
  • If you have forgotten your Enterprise ID then simply follow the guide mentioned above.
  • Now at this point, you have to confirm your identity by answering a few simple questions. Once you have answered all the questions. You will receive a link to reset the password on your registered email address from the Kroger Employee support team.
  • Check your email and find the link to reset your password. Once you found the link simply click on it and then a new window will pop up with simple on-screen instruction to change your password.
  • We recommend you use a storage password by combining letters, symbols, lowercase, and uppercase letters and if needed wrote it down somewhere in your smartphone or wallet so you can check it whenever required.

So, now you can use the new password and user ID to login back into your Kroger portal and access your information once again.


The Kroger’s portal makes everything much easier. Employees can now have a look at what’s going on in the company and all the company information with a few simple clicks. We just have to visit the website and login with our account and get access to know the complete details. We hope this article was useful for you to know everything about Kroger portal how you can actually login to the portal with the step by step instruction. If you like what you have read then don’t forget to share it with your colleagues or friends, the family who is working for Kroger and let them know about this. Keep visiting us for more useful updates and information. Apart from this, you can also share your feedback in the comments section below. This will really help us to bring more informative articles for our readers.

Just in case, there’s nothing working out for you and you need further assistance then you can simply call the Kroger employee support line. There is a different support line for different purposes. You can get general assistant support by dialing 1-800-952-8889. If you are trying to access your Kroger Employee benefits account and facing any problem then you can speak to a support representative by calling the benefits service center by dialing the number 1-877-373-3397.

If you are facing any issues with the Kroger Benefits account password then you can call on 1-800-952-8889. Lastly, The Kroger Pay Stub support center number. This is the same as Kroger General Support and you can dial on 1-800-952-8889. If you need more information about the Kroger company and Kroger stores, you can simply visit their official website, If you are interested in working at Kroger and looking for a job opportunity then you can visit a dedicated section on the website which is